About Amy

          Amy is a Christian author and speaker. She is available to speak on a variety of topics to your women’s group, your students, or your civic group.

          Amy won her first writing contest in second grade and has been writing ever since. She started writing novels in 1998 and has had two historical novels and a novella published by Barbour Books. After a long hiatus from writing fiction, during which she raised her boys, earned her teaching credentials, and moved from Colorado to Texas, she is delighted to finally be writing fiction again.

          Amy is married and has three sons and one granddaughter. Besides writing, Amy teaches middle school language arts and Latin. She is active in her church and her community, where she is involved in jail ministry at the local county jail.

          Besides her Miss Opal stories, Amy is currently hard at work on a cozy mystery series, and recently signed a three-book contract with Mountain Brook Ink. The first book will be released on Dec. 1, 2017. 

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