A Prayer for the New Year

Most powerful Holy Spirit,       come down             upon us and subdue us.   From heaven,        where the ordinary            is made glorious,       and glory seems but ordinary,   bathe us         with the brilliance... Continue Reading →

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The Question: Part 2

As we continue our look at the story of blind Bartimaeus (Luke 10:46-52), we remember that in the previous post, we learned that: Bartimaeus called out to Jesus, not as his last resort, but as his only hope. God’s  heart is moved by persistence. Persistent prayer. Persistent desire. Persistent belief. (Two parables: Luke 18:1-6 and... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for New Beginnings

Today, I'd like to share a prayer that has been meaningful to me on my faith journey. This prayer, found in the book, Celtic Benediction by J. Philip Newell, expresses a longing for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives in a new and fresh way. Are you aching for this, too? In the... Continue Reading →

The Question: Part 1

"Blindness has its compensations. It leads to a certain steadfast brooding upon thoughts, free from disturbing influences." Alexander Maclaren I can't imagine being blind. But as I've been studying the biblical story of Bartimaeus, I've tried. To imagine it, that is. In fact, I've tried to imagine the whole story...to put myself in the crowd... Continue Reading →

The Gift

The Gift. In days gone by, "The Gift" was the name for the Holy Spirit. Isn't that a lovely thought? We know Him as the Counselor...the Comforter...the Advocate. But the saints of old called Him "The Gift". In the midst of your busy holiday season, take time to reflect on these words by Bernard of... Continue Reading →


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