When You Can’t Find the Next Handhold

Ever feel like the woman in this picture? Is life an arduous, up-the-back-side-of-the-mountain-by-yourself kind of struggle every single day? I've been there. And some days I still am. But here's something I've learned. When you feel like giving up, try looking back instead. I'm not advising you to replay your regrets or wallow in what-if's.... Continue Reading →


What Are You Longing For?

Every January, my students and I read the allegorical fairy tale, The Golden Key, by George MacDonald.  The main character, a boy named Mossy, has found a beautiful golden key, but he is unsure what the key unlocks. All he knows is that he is compelled to search for the keyhole. As Mossy begins his journey, he... Continue Reading →

Everyone Needs Advice Sometimes

Be one of the first five people to submit a question to "Just Ask Dot" and win a free book! If you've read Amy's Short Creek Mysteries series, you know that main character Callie's Aunt Dot has her own advice column in the local newspaper. Now you, too, can write in to Aunt Dot to... Continue Reading →

2018 Blog Tour Stop #6: The Rolls

Welcome to Mountain Brook Ink's 2018 Holiday Blog Tour! We're so excited you've decided to join us on this journey of family, friends, traditions, and memories over the next month. You as our reader have done so much to pour into our lives, and this season we want to give back to you with insights... Continue Reading →

Childlike Faith in Writing by Guest Author Amy Rognlie

I’m the guest blogger today on Christian Shelf Esteem. Check it out!

Christian Shelf-Esteem

I started writing my newest novel, Where There’s a Will, the same way I always start a new book—with great excitement, yet tempered with the enormity of the task before me. What truth did God want me to share through this story? How would He use my own experiences, my own humanness, to communicate hope to others?

Well. Little did I know when I began writing that day in May that I would walk down some very painful paths in the coming year. During the months it took me to write this book, our family suffered two major traumas, including the unexpected loss of our twenty-four-year old son. At times, I put the manuscript away for weeks on end, unable to find the creative energy to even think about writing. When I did summon the strength to continue, I pleaded for God to give me His words and His thoughts…

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