Francis de Sales: (Not) An Ordinary Life, Part 4

"...humble yourself in the presence of God, acknowledging that of yourself you are incapable of executing your resolutions, either to avoid evil or to do good..."¹ In my previous posts on de Sales' "Finding God in the Morning," we examined his first three steps: Adore God before all else. Be intentional, because eternity is at... Continue Reading →


Francis de Sales: (Not) An Ordinary Life, Part 3

"Foresee in what business or conversation you will probably be engaged; what opportunities you will have to serve God; to what temptations of offending Him you will be exposed..."¹ In my two previous posts on de Sales' "Finding God in the Morning," we examined Steps One and Two. In brief, they are: Adore God before... Continue Reading →

Francis de Sales: (Not) An Ordinary Life, Part 1

First published in 1609, Francis de Sales' book, Introduction to the Devout Life, is considered a spiritual classic by both Protestants and Catholics. De Sales wrote to give spiritual instruction to the common folk, encouraging them to aspire to a deeply personal and meaningful relationship with God.  "My purpose is to instruct those who...are obliged to live... Continue Reading →

“Blind” Faith?

When was the last time God answered your prayers? When was the last time He answered your prayers exactly as you expected Him to? Have you ever prayed about a situation and things seemed to get worse? In his devotional book, Experiencing God Day by Day, Henry Blackaby says, "Much of the frustration we experience... Continue Reading →

The (Apparent) Failure of Prayer

When it comes to prayer, perhaps you can relate to British novelist Elizabeth Goudge's character, Parson Hawthyn: "In the church, Parson Hawthyn sat up stiffly and rubbed his rheumatic knees. He felt cold and stiff and his hour of prayer had brought him no personal satisfaction, plagued as he had been with indigestion, wandering thought, a... Continue Reading →

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