To Be or Not to Be

"What if you're enough, just the way you are?" The subject line of the email startled me. Haunted me for days, if I'm honest. "What if you're enough, just the way you are?" My gut reaction? "What? Of course I'm not enough. And anyway, isn't that kind of a sacrilegious question?" Because I'm supposed to... Continue Reading →

When Wrestling is Easier than Resting

"Tomorrow's bridge is a dangerous thing; I dare not cross it now. I can see its timbers sway and sing, and its arches reel and bow. O heart, you must hope alway; You must sing and trust and say: 'I'll bear the sorrow that comes tomorrow, But I'll borrow none today.'"ยน   An idealistic little... Continue Reading →

A Long Patience

My students and I recently studied William Wordsworth's poem, "A Sketch," which describes a man " whom Long patience hath such mild composure given That patience now doth seem a thing of which He hath no need." The words "long patience" caught my attention, because I don't know about you, but it seems I've had... Continue Reading →

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