Planted on Purpose

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I have never planted a tree by accident. And I’ve planted a lot of trees. As a gardener, I’m continually adding just the right flowers, shrubs and trees to my yard to achieve my vision for the mature landscape. I think about what it will look like in five years. In ten years.

Planted on Purpose

When I choose a tree to plant in my yard, I consider its future size and its requirements for light, soil, and water. I imagine its future beauty. Then I plant it where I believe it will best thrive. And so, planting implies purpose. Planting involves tending.

Planting implies purpose.

In Psalm 1, the godly person is compared to a tree that has been planted by a river. The tree didn’t just happen to sprout in that life-giving location. The distinction between being planted and merely “growing there” is important because it reminds us of God’s loving plan for every person.

God plants each of us near Himself, the ultimate source of blessing and nourishment. He chooses the best “spot” for us to thrive. He creates the conditions most conducive to our growth and fruitfulness in Him. He tends us lovingly.

Live Oaks
Planted on Purpose

So rest right where you are today, okay? And if the storm winds of life are threatening, reach your roots down deep into the richness of His mercy. You’ll find it. I promise.


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